Watch the “HIPAA Compliance for the Ophthalmic ASC” Webinar

On July 19, OOSS Resource Partners Medical Consulting Group and the Compliancy Group co-hosted the “HIPAA 101 for the Ophthalmic ASC: The 30-Minute Guide to Understanding Compliance” webinar.

The webinar was presented by Bill Rabourn, a Managing Principal of Medical Consulting Group with nearly 30 years of experience in medical business consulting, and Marc Haskelson, HIPAA compliance expert and President and CEO of the Compliancy Group. At the core of the webinar are two troubling statistics:

  • 70% of the market is not HIPAA compliant (HHS)
  • 79% of Meaningful Use Audits result in failure (CMS)

Together, Rabourn and Haskelson educate viewers on the widely overlooked aspects of HIPAA compliance to help them avoid costly fines and protect their business’ reputation. Topics ranged from “Why a Risk Assessment is not enough” to “Why your company must have a culture of compliance.”

Whether you attended the live webinar and would like to review what the experts discussed, or you did not get the chance to listen in, watch the full webinar below to learn how to protect your ASC.


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