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Ophthalmology Off the Grid: Ownership Positions in ASCs

Blake Williamson, MD, MPH, is joined by Jorawer Singh, MD; Jeffrey Whitman, MD; William Rabourn; and John Blanck to further discuss the intricacies of owning an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). In this episode, Dr. Whitman shares his experience as an ophthalmologist who has found success with an ASC and selling shares to younger partners. Dr. Singh addresses several challenges young ophthalmologists can face when buying into an ASC. Finally, consultants William Rabourn and John Blanck share insights into how to overcome these challenges.

Ophthalmology Off the Grid: The Roadmap to Building Your ASC

Blake Williamson, MD, MPH, continues the topic from a previous episode about ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). In this episode, Taylor Strange, DO, discusses his career journey from starting a new practice, increasing surgical volume, and eventually building an ASC as a long-term business strategy. Stephen Sheppard, from Medical Consulting Group, shares insights into the most appropriate road map and timeline for young physicians to anticipate if they are interested in investing in an ASC.

Office-Based Surgery – Risk or Reward?

Office-based surgery (OBS) is a topic inspiring mixed feelings, ranging from eager interest to concern, within the medical industry. Still, that didn’t stop our consultants from kicking aside the eggshells to dive right into it during our latest podcast episode!