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Washington Update - Non-Essential CMS Guidelines COVID-19

Apr 7 2020

CMS Issues Guidance for Surgery Centers Temporarily Enrolling As Hospitals During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

On April 3, CMS issued a Quality, Safety & Oversight memorandum QSO-20-24-ASC addressed to state survey agencies to provide guidance on processing applications from ASCs that are temporarily enrolling as hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Medical Consulting Group

Apr 1 2020

MCG PODCAST- Practical Steps for Managing Your Practice’s or ASC’s Unique Situation During COVID-19

MCG sat down to discuss practical steps they have used for their own clients to sort through the large amount of “broad-brush” tips and implement those that apply to an individual business.
Washington Update - Non-Essential CMS Guidelines COVID-19

Apr 1 2020

CMS announces accelerated payments for healthcare providers

On March 28, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it had expanded its Accelerated and Advance Program to provide financial relief to a broad group of Medicare suppliers and providers. This program will increase cash flow to providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ambulatory surgical centers ARE eligible for these payments.
OOSS Washington Update - CMS Accelerated and Advance Program

Mar 27 2020

Leading Your ASC Through the COVID-19 Crisis- Webinar on March 31

Join us for a webinar series next Tuesday and Thursday designed to help you lead your ASC through the COVID-19 crisis. The series is free to OOSS members and brought to you by Progressive Surgical Solutions, a Division of BSM Consulting with participation from OOSS.
Bruce Maller Business Survival During COVID-19 Crisis Webinar

Mar 20 2020

Register for “Business Survival Through the COVID-19 Crisis” Webinar – March 26th @ 11AM PT

BSM Founder and CEO Bruce Maller will be hosting a webinar titled "Business Survival Through the COVID-19 Crisis" on Thursday, March 26th @ 11AM PT.
Washington Update - Non-Essential CMS Guidelines COVID-19

Mar 19 2020


On March 18, CMS issued a series of recommendations regarding the furnishing of all non-essential planned surgeries and procedures based on the need to conserve critical resources...

Mar 16 2020

COVID-19 Update and Information

The clinical experts differ somewhat on local response to performing medically-necessary elective surgeries.  Review information for ophthalmologists and ASC leaders to adapt to the unique situation in your area.
Stay Up-to-Date with COVID-19

Mar 16 2020


In the current and ever-changing COVID-19 environment, we know that each ophthalmic ASC is responding with plans and procedures to ensure health and safety of patients and ASC staff. There is much information being communicated by trusted organizations, as well as media. Find resources and information...
Andrew Bastawrous talks charitable cataract surgery

Nov 25 2019

Watch Andrew Bastawrous’s Keynote Video @ OOSS Symposium 2019 – Charitable Cataract Surgery

Known for his intensely visual and moving presentations, Andrew Bastawrous expands your global perspective of eye care and introduces opportunities for the oASC community to impact that perspective.
Diane R. Blanck, OOSS Executive Director

Oct 24 2019

Introducing New OOSS Executive Director Diane R. Blanck

After more than 15 years of dedicated service, Kent Jackson transferred the title of OOSS Executive Director to Diane R. Blanck this last weekend at OOSS Symposium 2019 in San Francisco.