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Captain Scott Kelly @ OOSS Perspective 2019

Watch Captain Scott Kelly’s Exclusive Perspective 2019 Video

Sharing anecdotes and lessons learned from his year in space, Kelly paints a vivid picture of the risks of getting comfortable with the status quo or losing sight of a clear and challenging mission.

See May 2019 Issue of The Ophthalmic ASC

The latest issue of the OASC reinforces a principle that we as ophthalmic practice and surgery center professionals share with some of the greatest explorers...

A Gorilla in Space – Captain Scott Kelly Demonstrates the Importance of Professional Levity

With so much riding on the success of our surgery centers, professional tunnel vision is natural...but not always for the best. Near the end of his mission, Captain Kelly shared a prank that lit up Twitter and demonstrated that even serious pilots, scientists, and engineers must make time for a little levity.
Download the Experience OOSS App

OOSS Launches the “Experience OOSS” App

In anticipation of their upcoming Perspective 2019 meeting at ASCRS/ASOA in San Diego, CA, the Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society (OOSS) has recently launched the Experience OOSS app.

Partner Spotlight – EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OOSS partner EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic products...
OOSS Perspective 2019 @ ASCRS/ASOA San Diego

Captain Scott Kelly to Keynote OOSS Perspective 2019 @ ASCRS/ASOA San Diego

As keynote speaker for OOSS Perspective 2019 @ ASCRS/ASOA in San Diego on Sunday, May 5th, Captain Scott Kelly shares his career experiences, culminating with his record-setting year in space.

See February 2019 Issue of The Ophthalmic ASC

Filled with articles designed to help readers build lasting ASCs, this issue encourages the outpatient ophthalmic surgery community to invest in something bigger — that something is OOSS. Read now.

OOSS Perspective 2019 @ ASCRS/ASOA San Diego RSVP

At Perspective 2019 @ ASCRS/ASOA in San Diego, Captain Scott Kelly tells his story of an arduous year in space, while commanding the International Space Station. Attendees will see striking implications for the surgery centers, practices, and missions we serve.

Watch the Panel Discussion (Acquisition/Consolidation) from Symposium 2018

A panel of ASC leaders share their firsthand experiences with acquisition and consolidation and offer advice for those considering these processes.

Watch Keynote Video (Acquisition/Consolidation) from Symposium 2018

In this second video capture from OOSS Symposium 2018, Bruce Maller makes sense of the drivers, investor profiles, and pros and cons of the emerging acquisition/consolidation trend in ophthalmology.