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The Specialty Tax Services Group (STSG) provides tax planning opportunities tailored and managed to obtain tax savings specific to each client's business needs.

With extensive tax accounting experience and specialized knowledge of the ophthalmic ASC industry, STSG is uniquely qualified to identify opportunities at the transaction level and implement those opportunities into a custom solution. For instance, STSG analyzes capital projects with an eye toward identifying and depreciating each expenditure in the most advantageous way under the law.

STSG does not prepare annual tax returns but rather focuses on long-term tax planning and specific tax-savings opportunities. Each STSG project is planned and managed by both a technical specialist and a project manager to ensure top-quality results.

The STSG team also provides support services for practice acquisitions, sales and mergers; corporate earning and profit studies; partner/partnership base studies; and transaction cost studies. Based in Washington, D.C., the STSG team meets on site with clients throughout the United States.

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