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Introducing Mitosol®, the FDA approved ophthalmic formulation of Mitomycin-C, by Mobius Therapeutics™.


With the Mitosol® system for delivering antifibrotic agents in glaucoma, refractive, and corneal surgery, ophthalmic surgeons have a superior surgical solution that is:

  • COMPLIANT. FDA-approved Mitosol® replaces compounding in compliance with guidance from the American Society of Health System Pharmacists.
  • CONSISTENT. The Mitosol® Kit for Ophthalmic Use is reconstituted on the sterile field before use to reduce risk of drug degradation for consistent quality.
  • CONTAINED. The Mitosol® closed delivery system protects operating room personnel and patients by containing hazardous mitomycin vapors.
  • COST EFFECTIVE. Unlike compounded ophthalmic mitomycin, the cost of Mitosol® Kits is a CMS-approved reimbursable expense.


Learn more about Mitosol ® by Mobius Therapeutics ™.



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