OOSS Perspective 2018 Meeting

If you could not make it to Perspective 2018, or if you would like to review the highlights, watch the video series below. In addition to introducing new OOSS leadership, industry partners, and OOSS initiatives, Perspective 2018 featured one of OOSS' biggest keynote names to date, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will. As the country's most widely read political columnist, and its foremost conservative voice, Mr. Will and a panel of OOSS leaders and partners lead the meeting's discussion on ophthalmic ASC advocacy and the potential challenges presented by future healthcare policy.

Perspective 2018 Highlights

​​Watch the Highlight video for a glimpse of the Perspective 2018 conversations your colleagues and ophthalmic industry leaders are holding to shape the future of the ophthalmic ASC. This widely attended event covered everything from recent OOSS successes against unsatisfactory regulations to plans for combating predicted issues down the road.

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Washington Update with Mike Romansky, JD

In OOSS Washington Counsel Mike Romansky's video, he leads off with discussion of the new sterilization guidelines for ophthalmic ASCs, resulting from an ongoing and very successful evidence-based collaboration with ASCRS, AAO and OOSS. For more information about this collaboration and the resulting guidelines, visit: Sterilization Study & Guidelines. Ophthalmic ASC magazine explains the benefit of these new sterilization guidelines in its August 2018 issue.

He then focused on an unsatisfactory Anthem anesthesia services guideline, Medicare payment for intracameral use of drugs, an overview of OOSS advocacy progress/history, and the latest OOSS advocacy efforts (see new OOSS online advocacy tool and recently released CMS proposed 2019 rates and regulations).

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