OOSS Perspective 2016 New Orleans - Recap Videos


Perspective 2016 will be hard to top: A Big Time in the Big Easy full of Big Ideas and great discussions about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Quality (squared). We’re pleased to share these videos of the entire Perspective event, divided by chapters for your viewing convenience. Click on the title to watch.

Chapter I - Welcome and OOSS Update

OOSS President Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., and Executive Director Kent Jackson, Ph.D., preview of exciting new initiatives and surveys underway at OOSS. Albert Castillo, Membership Development Consultant, introduces the new OOSS University. (15:15 minutes)

Chapter II - Washington Update

There’s no one like OOSS Counsel Mike Romansky. He’s got our back in Washington and he tells it like it is. Mike outlines the OOSS position on office cataract surgery (“No, No, and No!”) and the efforts to educate CMS about the inherent risks to patients. (“We jumped into this like stink on a monkey.”) Mike also has the latest news from Washington on payment rates, ASC quality reporting, instrument sterilization policies, ASC legislation, and much, much more. (25:01 minutes)

Chapter III - ASCRS President's Welcome

ASCRS President Kerry Solomon, M.D., shares the ASCRS position on office cataract surgery, invites OOSS members to experience ASCRS resources, such as the Learning Resource Center, and discusses opportunities for advocacy. (9:26 minutes)

Chapter IV - Entrepreneurship

Our emcee Larry Patterson, M.D., opens Perspective Forum on entrepreneurship with excerpts from his videotaped interview with Ray Mays, his business partner and the administrator of the Cataract & Laser Center in Crossville, TN. A former Marine Corps major, Mays talks candidly about challenges and lessons learned in the military and as an entrepreneur– and how those lessons helped him and Dr. Patterson build a successful business. (21:08 minutes).

Chapter V - Innovation

Maria Scott, M.D., is an early adopter. She’s all about change — and change for the better. (“If you don’t like change, you’re not going to like working for me.”) Scott talks about why it is important to be an early adopter and how to set priorities for change. (9:11 minutes)

Chapter VI - Quality

Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., Nikki Hurley, R.N., M.B.A., and Dan Chambers, M.B.A., OCS, of the Key-Whitman Surgery Center in Dallas know what it takes to design and build a state-of-the-art, 36,000-square-foot ambulatory surgery center, from patient flow to HVAC systems to electrical outlets in the ceiling. The team at Key-Whitman shares its best advice for incorporating Quality into every aspect of the design, construction and operation of a new ASC. (25:00 minutes)

Unabridged Interview with Ray Mays and Larry Patterson

Challenges and Lessons: A Marine Takes on Business - Watch the entire interview here. (56 minutes)