OOSS Perspective 2015 San Diego - Recap Videos


The future is always uncertain, but good strategy positions you for change and a clear mindset determines your path.

Segment 1 - Welcome Through Awards

  • Welcome, Sponsor Recognition and Annual Assembly
    Ralph Chu, M.D., OOSS President
  • OOSS Update: Resources and Opportunities
    Kent Jackson, Ph.D., OOSS Executive Director
  • Presentation of 2015 Levy Awards
    Ralph Chu, M.D., OOSS President

Segment 2 - Washington Update

  • Legislative and Regulatory Landscape by Michael Romansky, J.D., OOSS General Counsel

Segment 3 - Keynote Address - Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger

  • Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger -  Bestselling Author, Aviation Safety Expert and Captain of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, “Miracle on the Hudson”.

Segment 4 - Perspective Forum – A Panel of Ophthalmic ASC Leaders and Industry Partners

  • Larry Patterson, M.D., OOSS Government Relations Chair & Forum Moderator
  • Capt. Sullenberger, Keynote Speaker
  • Bill Fishkind, M.D., OOSS President Emeritus, Chief Editor of The Ophthalmic ASC, An OOSS University Publication
  • Steve Miller, OOSS Association Partner, COO of the ASCA
  • Richard Lewis, M.D., OOSS Association Partner, President of ASCRS
  • Eric Donnenfeld, OOSS Association Partner, Past President of ASCRS and the New Medical Editor of EyeWorld
  • Murthy Simhambhatla, Ph.D., OOSS Strategic Partner, President of Abbott Medical Optics