OOSS Insights includes two annual events, Perspective (spring) and Symposium (fall). Each event focuses on a different aspect of the ophthalmic ASC, but OOSS works closely with ASOA and AAOE to develop ASC-oriented courses for both events as part of their regular programming.

OOSS Perspective

The spring event @ ASCRS examines major forces shaping the ASC industry, with a comprehensive update by OOSS Washington Counsel Mike Romansky, J.D.

OOSS Symposium

The fall event @ AAO is focused on ownership, management, and operational challenges of the day, with a comprehensive update by OOSS Washington Counsel Mike Romansky, J.D.

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Perspective 2018

OOSS Perspective 2018

Perspective 2018 Post-Meeting Video Series

If you could not make it to Perspective 2018, or if you would like to review the highlights, watch the video series below. In addition to introducing new OOSS leadership, industry partners, and OOSS initiatives, Perspective 2018 featured one of OOSS' biggest keynote names to date, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will. As the country's most widely read political columnist, and its foremost conservative voice, Mr. Will and a panel of OOSS leaders and partners lead the meeting's discussion on ophthalmic ASC advocacy and the potential challenges presented by future healthcare policy.

Perspective 2018 - Highlights

Watch the Highlight video for a glimpse of the Perspective 2018 conversations your colleagues and ophthalmic industry leaders are holding to shape the future of the ophthalmic ASC. This widely attended event covered everything from recent OOSS successes against unsatisfactory regulations to plans for combating predicted issues down the road.

Blue Ribbon Panel Discussion

Available for limited time due to speaker contract

The OOSS Perspective 2018 panel discussed everything from the likelihood of a single-payer healthcare system to how to better advocate for your ophthalmic ASC. Panelists include America’s foremost political commentator and columnist George F. Will; OOSS President-elect Maria Scott, M.D. of Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center; OOSS Chair of Government Relations Y. Ralph Chu, M.D. of Chu Vision Surgery Center; OOSS VP-elect Cathy McCabe, M.D. of The Eye Associates; Andy Stapars of Johnson & Johnson Vision; and Bruce Maller of BSM.

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Washington Update with Mike Romansky, JD

In OOSS Washington Counsel Mike Romansky's video, he leads off with discussion of the new sterilization guidelines for ophthalmic ASCs, resulting from an ongoing and very successful evidence-based collaboration with ASCRS, AAO and OOSS. For more information about this collaboration and the resulting guidelines, visit: Sterilization Study & Guidelines. Ophthalmic ASC magazine explains the benefit of these new sterilization guidelines in its August 2018 issue.

He then focused on an unsatisfactory Anthem anesthesia services guideline, Medicare payment for intracameral use of drugs, an overview of OOSS advocacy progress/history, and the latest OOSS advocacy efforts (see new OOSS online advocacy tool and recently released CMS proposed 2019 rates and regulations).

Watch the full video.


Symposium 2017

OOSS Symposium 2017 web graphic1

Presented in chapters for convenient consumption, the complete video collection and workshop summary from OOSS 2017 Symposium & Workshop @ AAO/AAOE New Orleans is now available for your review.

Highlights from OOSS 2017 Symposium & Workshop

“Envisioning the future of the ophthalmic ASC”
This November 11 meeting spotlighted some high-impact topics affecting ophthalmic ASCs, and offered attendees the opportunity to collaboratively develop real-world solutions.

Chapter One: D.C. Debriefing

“OOSS is the only organization with no other purpose but representing you and your patients.”
Washington Counsel Michael A. Romansky, J.D., divulges D.C. legislative updates on office-based cataract surgery, the patient volume proposition within ASC and HOPD reimbursement rates, ASC Quality Reporting measures, the OAS CAHPS survey, sterilization policy, and the Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality and Access Act of 2017 (HR 1838).

Chapter Two: Envisioning a Healthy Ophthalmic ASC

“How are your staff doing? Are they motivated? Are they burning out?”
Biomedical engineering researcher, author of “The Healthy Office Revolution,” and keynote speaker Elizabeth Nelson shares her longitudinal research on bioengineering the work environment to balance life and work, to decrease employee burnout. Nelson’s findings reveal certain variables within the ophthalmic ASC which, if improved, may significantly enhance the ASC function as well as patient care.

Chapter Three: OOSS Scholars Program Update

“How do we engage a young ophthalmologist?”
OOSS President Jeffrey Whitman, MD; OOSS President Emeritus and OOSS Gives Committee Chair Brad Black, MD; and OOSS Member Services Consultant Albert Castillo, MD, introduce a new program for young ophthalmologists called OOSS Scholars, disclosing program benefits and the first round of selected recipients.

Chapter Four: Envision Workshop Summary 2017

Using the “people, place, and process” framework outlined in Elizabeth Nelson’s keynote session, we developed a set of workshop materials to guide participants through the process of assessing their current ASC and imagining innovative solutions to the challenges faced.

Click the image to read the full workshop summary.

Envision Workshop Summary PDF

Envision Workshop Summary PDF


OOSS Perspective 2018

OOSS Perspective 2018, where experts will focus on advocacy and argument for a higher purpose. Join OOSS and keynote speaker George F. Will for the April 15 meeting in Washington, D.C., during ASCRS.

OOSS Perspective 2018 Keynote by George F. Will

OOSS Perspective 2018 Keynote by George F. Will

The Political Argument Today

America's foremost political commentator and columnist George F. Will presents penetrating and incisive commentary on the Washington political scene, offering a glimpse into what the future holds for public affairs, public policy, and American society.

Review the Perspective 2018 agenda.



Perspective 2017


We’re pleased to present the complete video collection from OOSS Perspective 2017 @ASCRS/ASOA Los Angeles. Enjoy the highlights or settle in for an informative discussion with our experts. Whether you attended the May 7, 2017, event and would like to review your favorite session or whether you are joining us for the first time, we think you’ll find these videos worth watching and sharing with your staff and colleagues.

Highlights from OOSS Perspective 2017 (3:31)

“What is OOSS going to look like in 2020?”
The energy crackles and the ideas fly at OOSS Perspective 2017 @ASCRS Los Angeles.

Chapter One (17:08)

“It’s about skating where the puck is going to be.”
OOSS President Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., (0:10) kicks off OOSS Symposium 2017 with an introduction of OOSS initiatives and a philosophical look at the organization’s evolution and scope. OOSS Executive Director Kent Jackson, Ph.D., (4:18) divines the future with OOSS analytics and a quick review of the results of key member surveys. Jerry Levy, M.D., (8:47) president and chairman of the board of Vision Center Network of America, LLC (VCNA), shares a progress update on the revolutionary New York-area clinically integrated network.

Chapter Two (29:23)

“Without OOSS, you might have been regulated out of business.”
With an introduction by OOSS President Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., (0:10), Washington Counsel Michael A. Romansky, J.D., (1:00) covers the legislative landscape with updates on office-based cataract surgery, ASC and HOPD reimbursement rates, ASC Quality Reporting measures, the OAS CAHPS survey, sterilization policy, the “Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality and Access Act of 2017” (HR 1838), and more.

Chapter Three (34:08)

“We need an online community that can share all this information.”
Cathleen McCabe, M.D., OOSS education chair, (0:19) moderates the OOSS Roundtable with panelists Bruce Maller, BSM Consulting, (1:06); Regina Boore, MS, BSN, RN, CASC, Progressive Surgical Solutions (4:36); Lynn Anderson, Ph.D., CEO, Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (7:35); Albert Castillo, San Antonio Eye Center and OOSS member services (10:58); Victoria Samper, MS, vice president, Ambulatory Accreditation Programs at the Institute for Medical Quality (14:30); and William B. Rabourn, Jr., Medical Consulting Group (19:28). From the prescient to the pragmatic, panelists discuss what’s next on the horizon for OOSS (Maller); new ASC courses for nurses (Boore); surgical tech, scrub, and sterilization certification (Anderson); ASC performance metrics (Castillo); and a new ophthalmic ASC accreditation model (Samper). Rabourn brings it all together with a preview of the evolving online community at OOSS.org.

Chapter Four (32:01)

“There is a big need out there.”
Brad Black, M.D., (0:11) OOSS president emeritus and chair of the OOSS Gives Committee, discusses opportunities for charitable giving. Stephen Lane, M.D., (10:04) co-chair of the ASCRS Foundation and chair of ASCRS Domestic Initiatives, presents Operation Sight, the ASCRS Foundation’s charitable cataract surgery program for needy Americans. OOSS Vice President Maria Scott, M.D., (23:11) an Operation Sight volunteer surgeon and author of a new charitable surgery handbook, shares lessons learned. OOSS Past President Y. Ralph Chu, M.D., (25:50) whose Minnesota practice partners with a local charity, talks about the intrinsic rewards of giving back.

Symposium 2016

We're pleased to offer complete video of the OOSS Symposium 2016 @ AAO/AAOE Chicago, organized by chapters, for your viewing convenience. Join our Power Board experts -- and some of the best minds in the industry -- to explore the challenges and opportunities impacting the future of the ophthalmic ASC.

Short on time? Check out our "Quick Look" trailer and the individual Chapter Previews.

A Quick Look at OOSS Symposium 2016. Click on the link below to watch a lively preview of the event. (2:38)


Chapter I Preview: OOSS 2020 Initiatives. (2:05)

Chapter I: OOSS Welcome and Washington Update. (32:39)

Jeffrey Whitman, MD, OOSS President and president & chief executive officer of Key-Whitman Eye Center of Dallas, Texas, introduces the five key initiatives of the OOSS Strategic Plan for 2020. With his signature style, OOSS Council Mike Romansky (6:25) delivers the latest news from Washington regarding office-based cataract surgery, HOPD and ASC rates, cost reporting, quality reporting, instrument sterilization, payment and regulatory reform and much, much more.


Chapter II Preview: Orienting the Board (2:00)

Chapter II. The New oASC Power Board: Context. (34:20)

Bruce Maller, founder and president of BSM Consulting, explores the "fairly significant external factors impinging upon" the ophthalmic ASC, including growing demand for services, changes to Medicare/Medicaid and to the Affordable Care Act, and consolidation, particularly among payers. Steve Sheppard, managing principal of Management Consulting Group, thinks strategically about consolidation and positioning the ophthalmic ASC to thrive in a changing marketplace. With introduction by Jeffrey Whitman, MD. Moderated by Maria Scott, MD, OOSS vice president, AAO Councilor and owner and medical director of Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center in Annapolis, Maryland.


Chapter III Preview: Systems and Reimbursement (2:26)

Chapter III. The New oASC Power Board: Essential Systems and Reimbursement Challenges (24:21)

Cathy McCabe, MD, OOSS board member and director of the Eye Associates Ambulatory Surgery Center/The Eye Associates of Bradenton, Florida, (1:15) discusses the importance of the right educational and professional development programs. John Grant, OOSS board member and associate director of AMSURG Corp. of Nashville, Tennessee, (5:46) outlines the three most important management systems for any ASC. Regina Boore, RN, OOSS Resource Partner and president of Professional Surgical Solutions, (7:25) talks about investing in technology and staff training to meet an ever-expanding regulatory burden and increased reporting requirements. Kevin Corcoran, OOSS Resource Partner and president of Corcoran Consulting Group, (13:56) offers solutions to the three key "problems" facing the ophthalmic ASC -- more work, no help and no money. Moderated by Maria Scott, MD.


Chapter IV Preview: Facing Three Problems and the CIN Model. (2:32)

Chapter IV: The New oASC Power Board -- CIN Model, Part 1 (20:13)

The "future is already banging on your doors," says Jerome "Jerry" Levy, MD, OOSS President Emeritus and president and chairman of the board of the Vision Center Network of America, LLC. (O:31) Levy advocates the Clinically Integrated Network as a model to prepare for a future in which payer consolidations put downward pressure on reimbursements. Richard Mackool, MD, chief medical officer of the Vision Center Network of America, (3:40) talks about positioning to seize opportunities and why "the big fish is worth more per pound than the small fish." And Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer of the Coker Group, (13:46) explores the ways a clinically integrated network can optimize quality while reducing costs.


Chapter V Preview: Benchmarking and the CIN Model (1:48)

Chapter V: The New oASC Power Board -- CIN Model, Part 2 (28:59)

From legal compliance and anti-trust issues to governance, integrated information technology systems, and cost reductions, the discussion of the ASC-Centric Clinically Integrated Network continues with Jerome "Jerry" Levy, MD, Brian Wnorowsky, MD, and Glenn deBrueys, all of Vision Center Network of America. Wnorowksy, vice president of data management, talks electronic health records systems, and deBrueys, chief executive officer, explores optimizing quality while reducing costs. Session concludes with an audience Q&A.

Chapter VI: Alcon Sponsor Showcase: Patient Engagement (12:21)

Chuck Marshall, head of Patient Engagement Strategy for Alcon US Surgical Marketing, introduces the company's new patient information site, www.mycataracts.com. The "non-branded, product-agnostic" site is designed to educate and inform cataract patients as it takes them through the system. Introduction by Bradley Black, MD, OOSS Presidents Emeritus, medical director of Vision Surgical Center and founder of Dr. Black's Eye Associates of Jeffersonville, Indiana.