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OOSS offers two membership levels for individual ASCs based on case volume, including the option to add one or more President’s Council seats for members of the ASC executive team who share a strong commitment to the advocacy mission of OOSS:

  • Level 1: $1,750 for ASCs performing 1000 cases per year.
  • Level 2: $3,000 for ASCs performing more than 1000 cases per year.
  • President’s Council: $1,500 for each individual ASC owner, surgeon, or staff member who elects to join. See below for more information about the President’s Council.

A group or network membership is available for organizations that represent more than one ASC.  For more information about group or network membership email Kent Jackson at or Albert Castillo at

ASC Membership

When you belong to OOSS, you engage your entire ASC facility team. Each ASC Membership, individual or group) includes a Primary Physician (typically an owner and/or medical director), an Administrator, a Director of Nursing, Billing Contact and group or network executives.  Titles may vary. Additional members can include affiliated physicians and clinical and business staff.

Special Membership is granted for medical students, military personnel, and individuals and organizations representing ASC corporate groups and startups. OOSS also collaborates with industry partners and offers an array of OOSS Partners programs. For more information contact Executive Director Kent Jackson at or call (720) 550-7667.

A portion (70%) of ASC facility membership dues may be deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Thirty percent (30%) of membership dues support advocacy efforts and are therefor not deductible as a business expense.  President’s Council dues are not deductible as a business expenses. Consult your tax advisor accordingly. Membership is not transferable or assignable. Dues are computed on a calendar-year basis and are payable by January 1. No refunds are permitted.

President’s Council Membership

Membership in the President’s Council is open to all executives, directors and managers affiliated with OOSS member ASCs and industry partners. President’s Council members express their individual support for the advocacy efforts and initiative of OOSS and have opportunities throughout the year to network and share advocacy interests with the President, Executive Committee and Washington Counsel.  Membership includes special invitations to the annual Meet & Greet Receptions at the annual OOSS Perspective@ASCRS and OOSS Symposium@AAO events.

President’s Council members provide added resource and leadership, enabling OOSS to advocate effectively on behalf of the entire ophthalmic ASC community. Aggressive stances on office-based surgery, orchestrated efforts to address sensible standards for sterilization, and collaborations to challenge onerous payer tactics that put patients at risk are but a few examples of OOSS success made possible in large part by President’s Council support.

Seats on the President Council membership can be added to the facility membership when clicking on the Join OOSS link below or, if already affiliated as a member or industry partner, President’s Council membership can be added by logging in and clicking on: Join President’s Council

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