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Exploring the “Big Ifs”

OOSS Emblems for Members, Partners

February’s Ophthalmic ASC

President Signs 21st Century Cures Act Into Law

Scott Joins AAO Leadership Class of 2017

The Ophthalmic ASC Magazine

Final 2017 Payment Rule: Higher Update And New Ophthalmic Quality Measure


OOSS Cataract Patient Profile Survey — Results

The August OASC Magazine

In Physician Payment Rule, CMS Takes No Action On Office Cataract Surgery – At Least For Now!

CMS Releases Proposed CY 2017 ASC Payment Regulation: 1.2 Percent Update; Proposed Adoption of OOSS-Supported Quality Measure; And more

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MedPAC Recommendations: No Update In Facility Fees For Surgery Centers; ASC’s Should Report Costs

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Insight from Jim Hindman

Opportunities in Change

Hear Romansky’s Top Ten in Symposium 2015 Audio Capture

Facilities Can Review ASCQR Preview Reports During The Next Month

OOSS and ASCA to Collaborate on Legislative Open Houses

ASCRS, AAO, and OOSS Release Recommendations Regarding Use of Enzyme Detergent for Cleaning Intraocular Surgical Instruments

OOSS to Co-Host Legislative Open House

Cataract Surgery in a Practice Setting?

CMS Defers Action on Payment for Office Cataract Surgery