OOSS Analytics

OOSS became the first organization to develop an ophthalmic-driven ASC benchmarking program in 2007. OOSS Analytics, our proprietary benchmarking initiative, provides tools to measure the performance of your center over time and compare your results with those of other ASCs across the country. At the core of the program is a comprehensive survey that assesses and compares facility performance across numerous clinical and business measures. Participants receive individual reports while the results of all the surveys are compiled and disseminated to the membership.

In addition to the benchmarking survey, OOSS Analytics represents a new generation of refined topical surveys—including the OOSS Salary Survey for ophthalmic practices and ASCs—reporting tools and discussion blogs that help participants identify areas for improvement and implement best practices.

OOSS Analytics, including ASC Performance Metrics benchmarking survey, represent powerful tools for assessing and initiating and performance improvement. The ASC Performance Metrics benchmarking initiative began in 2007 with pilot design and testing of a survey designed exclusively for and by ophthalmic ASCs. A total of 62 OOSS member facilities representing 29 states participated in that first year. By 2012 over 240 facilities were participating in the annual program. OOSS launched new cloud-based ASC Performance Metrics program in October 2013 to gather year-end 2012 information from participating facilities. Reports based on the 2012 information published in February 2014. Survey results for 2013 were available in June of 2014. The new ASC Performance Metrics program is designed to capture essential clinical and business data from a broad range and sizable number of participating facilities. OOSS Analytics topical benchmarking surveys are designed to address more specific areas of interest as requested by OOSS member facilities. Active participants in OOSS Analytics demonstrate a strong and sustained commitment to performance improvement on behalf of the patients they serve, the ASC teams they employ and the owners/investors they serve.

Most OOSS Analytics programs are available by invitation to all ophthalmic-driven ASCs. Certain programs/program functions are restricted to OOSS member facilities. To receive an invitation, contact Diane Blanck at dblanck@ooss.org or by calling (720) 550-7667. Be sure to provide the official name of the facility and name, title, telephone number and email address of the person to receive the invitation.

Each program operates on its own timing.  The ASC Performance Metrics (APM) benchmarking survey generally opens in March to capture prior year-end information and provides a two-month period for data collection with reporting available in June.  OOSS members and non-members can request access to the program at any time during the year with the opportunity to enter data during the periods prescribed. Other OOSS Analytic programs are initiated based on demand and typically extend for a two- to three-month period with specific closing dates announced in advance.

We have taken extra precautions, including facility-specific survey access, to protect your data. Group data will be reported in the aggregate to protect the confidentiality of individual facilities. When reporting group results, we only share data when we have 10 or more facilities/responses that meet the criteria.

OOSS Analytics surveys, including ASC Performance Metrics benchmarking, are completed online.  For the ASC Performance Metrics survey, a Quick Guide tutorial and Worksheet are provided to enable participants to gather information in advance and then to complete the survey as time provides.  Participants are encouraged to file worksheets for future reference.