MCG PODCAST- Practical Steps for Managing Your Practice’s or ASC’s Unique Situation During COVID-19

Listen to a podcast by a trusted strategic partner of OOSS, Medical Consulting Group. Medical business consultants Bill Rabourn, Steve Sheppard, and Erin Malloy share practical steps for managing a practice or ASC through the COVID-19 crisis.

Lately, practice and ASC leaders have been flooded with general tips for managing a business during the COVID-19 crisis, with little guidance as to whether these actually apply to their unique situation.

The MCG consultants sat down to discuss some practical ways they have helped their own clients to sort through the the large amount of “broad-brush” COVID-19 tips and implement those that apply to individual businesses.

Disclaimer: COVID-19 information is evolving rapidly. Consult with state and local authorities for further COVID-19 updates.

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