See October 2019 Issue of The Ophthalmic ASC

“More than any other publication…The Ophthalmic ASC has been indispensable in assisting in the successful operation of an ophthalmic surgery center.”

– Mark Kontos, MD, & Cathy McCabe, MD


Featuring our two new editors, Mark Kontos, MD, and Cathy McCabe, MD, the October issue of The Ophthalmic ASC compiles the voices of leading ASC experts dedicated to improving ASC performance and patient outcomes. This issue focus on how to handle and even take advantage of complex economic situations, ever expanding patient expectations, and rapid technology advancements, with the following articles:

  • Mastering the Patient Flow: Decrease wait times & increase efficiency
  • Tips for MIGS Efficiency in the ASC: From reimbursement to seamless integration
  • IOL Inventory Management Strategies: A solid inventory streamlines ASC efficiency
  • Preparing for Fee-for-Value: The oASC’s first clinically integrated network


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