Responding to Kaiser Health News Story

After the March 2, 2018, release of an article by Kaiser Health News (KHN) and USA Today condemning outpatient surgery centers, the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) has responded with a strong rebuke.

In ASCA’s press release, also distributed on March 2, ASCA Chief Executive Officer William Prentice states, “By focusing their story on a relatively small number of tragic errors, while ignoring the overwhelming beneficial outcomes found in ASCs, they have created a false and misleading narrative about the safety and efficacy of outpatient surgery.” ASCA has prepared helpful talking points and a patient safety handout to help clarify the issue.

OOSS_Talk-logoOOSS agrees with ASCA’s views and is hosting a conversation on this topic to share the most common questions experienced by our ophthalmic outpatient surgery centers on OOSS Talk. OOSS Talk is an online platform designed to help carry out our guiding mission to provide the information and insight needed to develop and sustain a culture of high performance and recognized patient care excellence. Log in to join the conversation, access the ASCA talking points and Patient Safety Guide, and connect with your peers and industry experts.

The ASCA release can be viewed at: ASCA Response to KHN Story


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