BSM Consulting acquires Progressive Surgical Solutions


Healthcare and practice management firm BSM Consulting has acquired Progressive Surgical Solutions, an ASC consulting firm. The two OOSS Resource Partners and frequent presenters at OOSS events said that the acquisition, announced earlier this month, will enable them to expand services for a growing client base.

BSM Consulting provides consulting services and educational resources to a broad range of clients in the healthcare industry, including medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, trade associations, medical societies, and device manufacturers. Progressive Surgical Solutions, established in 2002, specializes in strategic assessment, planning, compliance, and management consulting for ambulatory surgery centers.

Maller and Boore discussed the acquisition and plans for the future with OOSS.

Regina Boore & Bruce Maller of BSM1) How did this acquisition come about?

Boore: The ophthalmic and ASC industries have seen a flurry of consolidation activity in recent years.  When we (Bruce and Regina) sat down last year to discuss trends and strategies, it was obvious to us that our combined capabilities positioned us to thrive and better serve our clients in this dynamic environment.  Having known each other for over twenty years and worked together previously, we found the merger the natural outcome of a mutually respectful and trusting relationship and common view.

2) Tell us more about the synergies and advantages you hope to achieve together.

Maller: We have already begun the process of leveraging our combined experience and bandwidth to develop new products and services that will bring greater value to our customer base. This will cover a wide range of strategic, operational, financial, coding, and compliance tools, as well as more robust educational resources for surgical facilities. Specifically, we plan to make additional investments to enhance the popular eSupport program currently offered by Progressive.

3) What differences, if any, might BSM and PSS clients notice post acquisition?

Boore: PSS clients will benefit from the depth and breadth of BSM consulting services, now that PSS is part of the “BSM family”. PSS has always been exclusively focused on surgery centers. In those situations where a clinic or practice setting or operation is also involved, we can now provide consulting services to the totality of the project.

4) Are there any plans for expansion?

Maller: In the coming months, we plan to add several new team members to the Progressive and BSM teams. In fact, we recently added a new R.N. and financial consultant to the Progressive team.

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