VCNA and AMO Subsidiary Sign Supplier Agreement


Vision Center Network of America, LLC (VCNA), comprised of valued OOSS members, has entered into a supplier agreement with a subsidiary of Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) to purchase monofocal and premium intra-ocular lenses (IOLs), as well as capital equipment on behalf of its member surgery centers. This agreement, the first of its kind between VCNA and a major supplier of intra-ocular lenses, enables VNCA to track purchasing volume and patterns for each of its member surgery centers, specifically with regard to cataract surgery. This information will help surgery centers and individual surgeons determine their actual cost per surgical case and provide valuable data points for benchmarking.

“We are delighted that AMO has decided to enter into a contractual relationship with VCNA,” said Dr. Jerome Levy, president and chairman of the VCNA board. “The supplier agreement that we structured is consistent with our overall mission to realize higher value (defined as quality divided by cost) in the healthcare system for patients, payers, and providers, regardless of a fee-for-service or fee-for-value reimbursement paradigm.”

As a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), VCNA is committed to improving the healthcare delivery system in the specialty area of ophthalmic surgery through value-based care, a model designed around patients with the goal of providing high quality health care at a lower-than-average cost. The supplier agreement between VCNA and the AMO subsidiary enables the network to improve efficiencies and lower purchasing costs for its member centers. VCNA, formed in 2016, consists of nine ophthalmic ASCs that operate primarily in the Northeast.