OOSS Symposium 2016 Video Previews


We’re pleased to offer these video previews of the OOSS Symposium 2016 @ AAO/AAOE Chicago, organized by chapters, for your viewing convenience.  Join our Power Board experts — and some of the best minds in the industry — to explore the challenges and opportunities impacting the future of the ophthalmic ASC.  OOSS members and partners can access complete unabridged video chapters by logging into to OOSS.org and scrolling down to “Events” on the home page, then click on “Exploring the “Big ifs.” If you do not have your login information, contact kjackson@localhost:8080/ooss.

Short on time? Check out our “Quick Look” trailer.


A Quick Look at OOSS Symposium 2016. Click on the link below to watch a lively preview of the event. (2:38)


Chapter I Preview: OOSS 2020 Initiatives. (2:05)


Chapter II Preview: Orienting the Board (2:00)


Chapter III Preview: Systems and Reimbursement (2:26)


Chapter IV Preview: Facing Three Problems and the CIN Model. (2:32)


Chapter V Preview: Benchmarking and the CIN Model (1:48)