The August OASC Magazine


Whether you’re considering new options for drug delivery during cataract surgery, contemplating the possible sale of your facility, or adding a new subspecialty, you don’t want to miss the latest issue of The Ophthalmic ASC magazine, an official OOSS publication. This month’s cover story looks at the use of intracameral endophthalmitis prophylaxis, NSAID drops to relieve pain, and the newest drug formulations and delivery methods. From IV-free cataract surgery to ASC reimbursement, OASC writers tackle the topics that you’re talking about right now. Chief Medical Editor and OOSS member William J. Fishkind, M.D., draws lessons from the late Muhammad Ali, and OOSS Executive Director Kent Jackson, Ph.D., weighs in on office-based cataract surgery with summary findings from the OOSS co-morbidity study.


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