Insight from Jim Hindman

Jim Hindman, founder of Jiffy Lube International and Macular Degeneration patient pioneer, shares his personal story and entrepreneurial insights in a compelling video interview with OOSS board member Maria Scott, M.D.

From his candid comments about the insecurity and isolation he felt after losing his vision to his pragmatic and priceless business advice, Hindman, author of “Was blind, but now I see,” offers engaging observations about life and work.

Learn how Hindman builds teams and inspires loyalty and what he considers essential to the success of any organization.

This must-watch video, shown at 2015 OOSS Symposium at AAO Las Vegas, is available for viewing on the OOSS website. CLICK HERE and scroll to 2:00 to hear Dr. Scott’s introduction before the video, which begins at 2:30.

After Hindman’s interview, stay tuned for “Quality Strategies Beyond Compliance,” a thoroughly informative presentation by Regina Boore, RN, BSN, MS, CASC, and president of Progressive Surgical Solutions, (20:15). Also in the third Symposium audio capture, Kevin J. Corcoran, COE, CPC, CPMA, FNAO, president of Corcoran Consulting Group, discusses “Reimbursement Strategies Beyond the Basics: The Future of ASC Payments,” (37:24) and Bruce Maller focuses on keeping a competitive edge with education, inspiration, and motivation (56:46).


To listen to all three audio captures from OOSS Symposium 2015, CLICK HERE.


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