CMS Defers Action on Payment for Office Cataract Surgery

As OOSS members are well aware, CMS solicited “information” in its 2016 proposed physician payment rule on the advisability of providing financial incentives for physicians to furnish cataract surgery in the office setting. OOSS submitted comprehensive comments objecting to such a policy, citing serious concerns about patient health and safety.

CMS took no action on office cataract surgery in the final MFS rule, stating only that: “We will use this information as we consider whether to proceed with development of nonfacility PE RVUs for cataract surgery”.

We will keep you abreast of further developments. You can review OOSS’ comments on office cataract surgery at OOSS/SEE – Comments on Office Surgery.

Should you have any questions, please contact OOSS’ Washington Counsel, Michael Romansky, JD, at mromansky@localhost:8080/ooss